Communist Nut Case Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) is on a major ego trip in the wake of the unveiling of her radical Green New Deal.

The 29-year-old lawmaker popped off at the New York Hall of Science on Friday while speaking on a ‘Girls Who Code’ panel.

Ocasio-Cortez sounded like a Socialist dictator (with a Bronx accent) as she reminded the crowd that it’s the radicals who drive the agenda and no one has done what she has in regards to the Green New Deal.

Forget the fact that the Green New Deal is completely absurd on the face it. The resolution calls for the elimination of all airplane travel and would require every building in the US to be “upgraded” to meet the rigors set by the green Communists.

“I’m at least trying and they’re not,” AOC said of her Green New Deal critics. “If you’re trying, you’ve got all the power, you’re driving the agenda, you’re doing all this stuff.”

“Like, I just introduced Green New Deal two weeks ago and it’s creating all of this conversation. Why? Because no one else is even trying — because no one else has even tried!”

AOC clapped back at her critics, “I’m like you try! You do it! Cuz you’re not!” AOC said pointing her finger.

“So until you do it, I’M THE BOSS! How about that?” AOC yelled.

AOC is out of control — she even lectured Americans to eat fewer hamburgers in an interview this week.

James Woods blasted her earlier Saturday after she arrogantly told critics of her Green New Deal to shut up and sit down. “You’re just shouting from the cheap seats,” Ocasio-Cortez said to people who called her out on her radical resolution.

Just like OAN reporter Jack Posobiec said, how long before she puts on a uniform with a dozen medals as she gives long winded lectures?