Posted BY: Greg P. Richards

No, I didn’t think of it. Shakespeare did, in Macbeth, inspiring others to quote himBut it fits with what three recent incidents tell us about what is coming our way. 

Under Democrats’ governance.

You can always, as the kids say… put your head between your legs and kiss your hindquarters goodbye.

But before we get there, there are some other things we can do.

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Let’s review, very briefly, the three incidents mentioned above…

  • July 2022

bodega robbery – Search (

A 63-year-old bodega employee was attacked in his store by a perpetrator with his girlfriend along. In the course of the scuffle, the girlfriend stabbed the bodega man. Whereupon, the 63-year-old bodega man, in spite of being wounded, attacked with a knife so forcefully that he killed the perpetrator. What did the Democratic governance of NYC do? the bodega employee   

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