Top globalist billionaire intends to keep his minion in power to continue implementing his far-left agenda to transform America.

Source: Jamie White

Billionaire globalist George Soros has contributed half a million dollars to a group dedicated to preventing the recall of embattled California Governor Gavin Newsom (D).

According to an electronic disclosure report dated Aug. 31, 2021, Soros donated $500,000 to a leftist group called Stop The Republican Recall, who claim Newsom’s recall election was organized by “national Republicans, anti-vaxxers, Q-Anon conspiracy theorists and anti-immigrant Trump supporters.”

“A grassroots movement of Californians stands with Gavin Newsom and is opposed to the Republican recall,” the group’s website states.

“Governor Newsom led the state through a global pandemic, record wildfires fueled by climate change and two years with Trump in the White House, he has earned the trust of Californians.”

“He is working every day against difficult odds to keep our families safe, distribute vaccines, protect families from eviction and provide billions in direct relief to individuals and struggling small businesses.”

According to a recent UC Berkeley poll, the 47% of Californians who support the recall of Newsom aren’t limited to white male Republicans.

The recall election of Newsom was successfully launched following months of the governor’s draconian COVID policies and lockdowns that decimated businesses, and poor handling of the state’s exploding homelessness and crime.

This comes two months after Soros donated $250,000 to stop the recall of Newsom.

The fact Soros has now contributed double that amount signals that Newsom faces an uphill battle to keep his post as governor.

Soros has donated to many state and local Democrat elections in recent years so they can carry out his far-left agenda to transform America.

Newsom’s recall election date is set for September 14.

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