Posted BY: Rachel Ehrenfeld

George Soros must be tickled pink. He is living out his childhood fantasy of being “some kind of god, the creator of everything,” as he told the British Independent in 1993, shortly after pocketing at least $2 billion after betting against the British pound. That allowed the megalomaniac billionaire “to live it out,” to meddle in domestic affairs and finances of many countries, lead numerous “color revolutions,” and promote his incoherent interpretations of Henri Bergson’s and Karl Popper’s philosophies on the Open Society, giving it an Orwellian twist by so naming his mega political foundations. 

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Imagine the gleeful Soros watching the much-despised former president Donald Trump arrested on trumped-up charges. At the same time, his lavish (mostly indirect) funding to progressive-Left groups in Israel is creating chaos and division, threatening the unity and national security of the Zionist Jewish State.

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