Posted BY: Trish Randall

Trans activists and their allies (nicknamed handmaids), have been accelerating the male/trans invasion of women’s spaces, sports, and social positions, inserting degrading displays into children’s education and entertainment, and declaring anything less than full-throated support to be genocidal transphobia. No questions, no talk of biological reality, and no negotiations are tolerated by those demanding unprecedented tolerance of their ugliest whims and impulses.

Online criticisms of trans claims and demands often include remarks in the comments declaring the battle against trans is a women’s fight. Some say it’s on women to defend women’s spaces. Others say it’s women’s responsibility because feminism created the ideology of femininity as a social construct. It’s not like there haven’t been women — some brilliant — researching, organizing, speaking, and writing. But I don’t think women alone can win this fight.

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In this battle, the women’s side wants to retain women’s spaces and sports for women, get “adult materials” out of schools, maintain coherent grammar, and keep our society grounded in physical reality. Our opponents have an advantage in the strategy department. Regardless of their demands to be addressed as “Miss” while prancing around in miniskirts, long wigs, and gobs of makeup, prescriptions for estrogen, and medical procedures that reduce testosterone production, “transwomen” are men, with male brains and male ways of thinking.

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