Source:  Jim Hoft

The Spire gas company warned of possible outages this winter after the federal government shut down a pipeline from Illinois into St. Louis, Missouri.

The US Supreme Court failed to issue a stay on the Spire pipeline weeks ago. Now Spire is warning customers of potential shortages this winter.

This is your government at work for you.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is urging Russia and OPEC nations to increase their oil production as he cracks down on US operations and cancels pipelines here at home.

FOX2 Now reported:

Spire customers are speaking out after the natural gas company warned of possible outages this winter if the pipeline shuts down.

Customers received an email from the utility this week, warning of a potential shutdown on Dec. 13 as the company is involved in a legal battle with the federal government to keep operations running.

The pipeline is 65 miles long, running through Illinois and connecting in St. Louis.

Back in June, the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that the approval for the pipeline in 2018 was unlawful, leaving some customers worried about the future…

…In October, Spire asked the U.S. Supreme Court to allow it to keep operating to no avail. The court ruled that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission “failed to adequately balance public benefits and adverse impacts” of the pipeline. The court also questioned the pipeline’s necessity.

The pipeline is currently only cleared to operate until Dec. 13. After that, Spire will still be able to deliver gas to customers, but during emergencies involving equipment or extreme weather, the shutdown will limit their options in providing uninterrupted services to customers.