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Justin Trudeau, the Liberal Prime Minister of Canada, finds himself up against increasingly vocal demands that he be ousted. Opposition to his authoritarian regime is growing amid concerns about a sham inquiry into his abuse of the Emergencies Act and revelations that Canada’s spy agency warned about Communist Chinese interference in Canadian elections, but Trudeau did nothing to stop it.

Chinese diplomats quietly issued warnings to “friendly” influential Canadians in early 2022, advising them to “reduce their contact with federal politicians to avoid being caught up in foreign-interference investigations by Canada’s spy agency,” the Globe and Mail reported in a bombshell story that is rapidly circulating among the Canadian population.

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According to the report, “secret and top-secret Canadian Security Intelligence Service documents viewed by The Globe and Mail reveal how China sought to protect its network of ‘Canadian friends,’ a euphemism for Chinese Communist Party (CCP) assets. The Globe and Mail described the CCP ‘Friends’ circle as “a community it relies on to build relations, influence and covertly gather information from MPs and senators.”

Apparently, one of the CCP’s ‘Friends’ is none other than Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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