Flight records show Kerry family jet landed at Martha’s Vineyard.

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

Claims that White House Climate Envoy John Kerry arrived at Barack Obama’s birthday bash via a private jet have been denied by the State Department, despite a photo being published showing Kerry exiting the plane.

“Secretary Kerry lives on Martha’s Vineyard, he did not travel there for a party. He took a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, he did not fly (commercial or private.),” said a spokesperson in an email.

However, the Daily Mail published a photo of Kerry disembarking from a private jet alongside the caption, “Presidential envoy for climate John Kerry took a private jet to the island of Martha’s Vineyard.”

The caption appears to have been removed from the original story, although Fox digital editor Peter J. Hasson tweeted, “Flight records confirm that this was the Kerry family private jet.”

The Washington Times reports that Kerry’s private jet also landed in Martha’s Vineyard before Obama’s party.

“The website Flight Aware said that a private jet identified in previous media reports as the Kerry family plane landed Friday in Martha’s Vineyard, coinciding with Mr. Obama’s 60th birthday bash on his compound at Martha’s Vineyard,” states the report.

So either the State Department is lying, or the image of Kerry exiting the plane is from a different trip.

Kerry received a volley of criticism on Twitter after the photo was published.

“Joe Biden’s Climate Czar John Kerry took a private jet to Barack Obama‘s birthday party,” tweeted Rep. Lance Gooden, Texas Republican. “When will Greta Thunberg be calling him out?”

“What a fraud,” remarked Sen. Tom Cotton. “To John Kerry, global warming is an existential threat that means hundreds of thousands of Americans must lose their jobs. But it’s not quite serious enough to put away his private jets.”

Records show that the Kerry family’s private jet has been used for over a dozen trips this year alone.

“In total, the private jet tied to President Biden’s point person in the effort to lower greenhouse gas emissions took 16 flights since January — raising questions about how much his family contributed to the problem,” reports Fox News.

However, a State Department spokesperson subsequently claimed Kerry himself wasn’t on any of those flights and that he only flies on commercial airliners or military transport.

Kerry’s penchant for traveling via private jet takes on an added layer of irony given that the media has been aggressively pushing a new “landmark” United Nations report out today that forecasts ecological disaster due to man-made carbon emissions.

The former presidential candidate was previously photographed not wearing a face mask while walking through Boston Logan International Airport and was also caught on camera removing his mask immediately after boarding a separate flight.