The election is days away and it won’t be long before the American people go to officially cast their vote for the candidate they want to be our next President.

Early voting is an option in many states and has been for over 15 years. Each election has seen an increase in the number of states that allow early voting and an increase in voters turning out early.

In 1998, only 7% of the votes were cast early. By the 2012 election, that number skyrocketed to 35%.

States have continued to do everything they can to ensure more citizens can vote. Some start voting as early as the end of September. In fact, the first battleground state to open the polls in 2016 was Iowa on September 29th.

In the last two elections, Democrats have been incredibly proactive in encouraging early voting.


They are obviously very determined to see the voting process carried out with the utmost care, honesty, and integrity that they represent.

We interrupt this story with reality:

“Woman Convicted of Voter Fraud Honored by Ohio Democrats” —Breitbart, March 21, 2014

“Connecticut Democratic Lawmaker Arrested On 19 Voter Fraud Charges” —American Military News September 28, 2014

“2014 Election Results Democrat Voter Fraud Caught in Arizona, Maryland and Illinois” —The Inquisitr, October 30, 2014

The truth is that Hillary and Bill have done everything possible to make sure that the Democrats win.

The Clintons are not concerned with fairness. Every day we get further proof they are not concerned with the truth. So why on earth would we believe that they won’t rig this election?

Trump supporters know that we still have an uphill battle to get to the finish line. We know that the Clinton campaign has been behind the scenes, putting in the fix wherever they can. We also know that some states are more important than others.

America's Most Corrupt Family

Donald Trump needs decisive wins in battleground States to keep Hillary from winning. Swing states, where hundreds of thousands of votes can change the election include Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Wait, those are states where the Clintons already have a history of cheating.

Clinton’s cronies are at it again, this time in the Norwood Pennsylvania office of FieldWorks LLC. This morning police executed a warrant obtained late Friday and raided the FieldWorks offices seeking evidence of voter fraud.

You might be wondering, who exactly is FieldWorks? Well, their website tells us all we need to know:

“FieldWorks delivers results with a simple philosophy: Identify who needs to be persuaded, and communicate with them directly in the most effective way possible.”

Clearly they are proud of their powers of persuasion. In 2012, Cincinnati police arrested a former Ohio University student working in FieldWorks on charges of forging and fabricating 22 signatures on a petition drive.

“FieldWorks has some of the nation’s top experts to help your issue get on the ballot and WIN your campaign!”

Don’t forget about their ability to win. They can’t be bothered with issues of fairness and honesty when it comes to their determination to succeed. In 2012, FieldWorks filed thousands of new voter registration cards just prior to the registration deadline. Some of cards were found to be fraudulent

“We created the model and over the years have perfected the tools to build the case to challenge the validity, and integrity to the opposition’s efforts.”

Apparently they only care about integrity as it pertains to the competition. And these are just the cases that have been proven. Can you imagine what we haven’t discovered yet?


Thanks to the process of early voting, we can rest uneasy knowing. She is trying to do it again, but this time, she was caught.

Early voting has given the Clintons prime opportunities to practice their core values, lying, cheating, and fixing elections.

Here is where it would be nice to say that Pennsylvania was the first case of the Democrats rigging this election, but we know that isn’t true.

  • Bill Clinton Caught Cheating – Violating Federal Elections Law – Massachusetts 2016
  • Hillary cheating scandal erupts in Arizona – March 23, 2016
  • Wikileaks Proves Primary Was Rigged: DNC Undermined Democracy – July 22, 2016

Bill and Hillary are nothing if not predictable. They have proven time and again that they and the Democrats will either get the results they want, or do whatever is necessary to win.

We have had 16 long, hard years of Democrats carrying out corruption. It all began with Bill in 1993 and has not stopped since.


If Hillary Clinton gets her chance to take over the Oval Office, it will make Bill seem like a saint compared to all of the atrocities he committed.

This woman is dangerous. She is a viper who has already struck hard into American flesh. But her venom is far from used up. There is plenty of death and destruction to go around and she has a long line of friends who are willing to help her spread it.

America, she must be stopped now. Get out and make it impossible for even the Crooked Clintons to deny. We will not stand for another 4 years of Clinton Corruption.

We must rise up together and take our Nation back.