After the White House had secret meetings with journalists to demand positive press

Source: Daily Mail

CNN host Don Lemon has been mocked for his crowing about Joe Biden reducing the price of gas – as analysts pointed out that the host was serenading the president over a five-cent drop in the price per gallon.

‘Big economic relief for millions of Americans who have been dealing with soaring energy prices,’ declared Lemon on Tuesday night. ‘The price at the pump is finally easing up.’

He pointed to AAA figures showing the price per gallon of $3.35, down from $3.39 last week and $3.42 last month.

The price was, he said, the lowest since October – and then broke into song, trilling: ‘Laaaaa!’

He said the government was forecasting the price will drop to $3.01 by January, although that is still far higher than the $2.15 price of a gallon recorded in December 2020, when Donald Trump was president. 

‘Can we just celebrate the good news for a minute? I’ll take it where I can get it,’ he said, clapping as he brought on guest Austan Goolsbee to discuss the numbers. 

Lemon tweeted before his show: ‘What do dropping gas prices & skyrocketing stocks mean for you?’ 

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