Posted BY: Janet Levy

What is a Woman?  You can no longer answer the question with alacrity.  In a 2022 documentary of the same name, when Matt Walsh poses that question to someone identifying as a gay male, he is told, “You should be asking a woman.  I don’t know; I’m not a woman.  Only women can define what a woman is.”  Not missing a beat, and putting the absurdity into sharp relief, Walsh rejoins by asking, “Are you a cat?” and following up the “No” with “Do you know what a cat is?”  The interviewee flees.

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The dangerous trend to promote gender fluidity is concurrent with a movement to allow anyone to arrogate female status to himself.  Gender confusion often leads to tragic, lifelong, and irreversible consequences.  It must be noted, however, that the male-to-female transition by self-declaration has far greater societal impact than the reverse.  Males identifying as females hijack women’s sports and appropriate women’s spaces, often opportunistically or predatorily.  Radical ideology aims to eliminate sex distinctions under the guise of civil rights.  Its most egregious part is the targeting of minors, preying on their developing and fragile sense of identity.  For this reason, many states have passed or are considering legislation to safeguard minors and women.

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