Posted BY: A.J. Rice

Some people make a name for themselves by building something — a business, a following, an audience.

Others try to make a name for themselves not by building anything but just by trying to tear down what others have built.

Steve Almond has set out to do the latter. For the past few years, he has set out to tear down the National Football League through a book he wants to sell. The NFL is a millionaire-creating machine, responsible for making many young men very rich, and the majority of those young men it provides generational wealth are Black. The league also creates jobs for thousands of others, from franchise front offices to the vendors in the stands, the parking attendants outside, and retailers who sell NFL-branded clothing and other items. Wrecking the NFL would destroy all of that, plus take away one of the few rallying points our nation still has because everyone thinks the Washington Commanders is a joke of a name. 

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After Bills safety Damar Hamlin suffered a freak collapse against the Bengals, the nation rallied around him and prayed in unison. Everyone regardless of which team they support, which race they happened to be born to, wherever they live or even if they care about football or not, prayed for that young man to recover. We learned who he is and donated money to his charity for kids. They even prayed on woke ESPN and Disney didn’t fire them for it.

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