Posted BY: Trish Randall

With his January 17, 2023 video “It’s time to stop,” Steven Crowder, host and owner of the biggest conservative channel on YouTube, an equally impressive channel on Rumble, and the website Louder with Crowder, spent 28 minutes airing his concerns that conservative media entities are overly helpful to Big Tech control of speech and questioning the effects such business arrangements have on the culture and the country.  Crowder described terms offered to him by an unnamed big conservative media company.  I immediately thought of bad music industry contracts.  Referring to conservative corporations that use contracts to enforce cancel culture as “Big Con,” Crowder ended by requesting that viewers enter their email addresses at the website, to gauge public interest in the issue.

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Several bad clauses immediately stood out — for example, penalties up to 20% if a video was demonetized or removed on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Apple, and Spotify, or if sponsors dropped his show. Crowder’s social media, merchandise, and subscription profits go to the company, with no bonuses for exceeding benchmarks. Crowder’s existing videos would move behind the company’s paywall. There was a flat dollar amount for a four-year term (that could be extended at the pleasure of the company). There would be at least four ad reads per episode. Crowder found the terms so awful that he didn’t even redline the offer. He just told the company to send something better.

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