Leftists suffering from cognitive dissonance turned into staunch vaccine supporters under the Biden regime.

Source: Nworeport

Anti-Trump liberals are on record criticizing the development of the Covid-19 vaccines under President Donald Trump, then pulling complete 180s under the Biden Administration to shill for the vaccines.

The astonishing position reversals have been archived on Twitter, where various leftists once took issue with the fact Trump fast-tracked the vaccines without having all the scientific data available.

Fast-forward to just a few months later, and the liberals suffering from cognitive dissonance changed their tunes to staunch vaccine supporters under the Biden regime.

Perhaps they’re all just following the lead of their puppets-in-office.

After all, during the 2020 presidential campaign Biden and Harris themselves were infamously the first people casting doubt on the vaccines, questioning their quick development and suggesting they would refuse the jabs.