Posted BY: Janet Levy

The World Health Organization (WHO) failed to forewarn the world about the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. The measures it mandated did not prevent the loss of lives and collapse of economies but helped pharma giants make billions through enforced vaccination. Against all evidence, it gave China a pass on a possible lab leak of the virus.

Now, pursuing its massively funded left-elitist agenda, it wants member countries to surrender sovereignty over healthcare decisions. President Joe Biden is readily submitting to and endorsing this global power grab. He must be halted.

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In May this year, the World Health Assembly – WHO’s decision-making body – is set to approve a pandemic treaty and amend the International Health Regulations (IHR). If ratified, these will centralize power in the hands of the WHO, world leaders, and designated stakeholders (read leftist NGOs, pharma companies, and the elite who own and fund them). Under the pretext of managing health emergencies, which they will unilaterally declare, these vested interests will be able to wrest control over nations’ sovereignty and people’s G-d-given rights. It is critical that our citizens know of the Orwellian implications of these measures and entreat senators and representatives to oppose the ratification.

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