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The war in Ukraine continues as Vladimir Putin stubbornly continues to cling to his eastern gains, setting up a stalemate as winter deepens.

Ukrainian President Volydymr Zelensky appeared in Washington, DC, on Wednesday to lobby for new weapons systems, firmly of the belief that the $44 billion about to be passed in the Senate omnibus bill isn’t enough. Whether he’s right or wrong, or whether it matters in regard to how far the US pushes this proxy war, is something individuals will have to judge for themselves.

But as new attacks get lodged, information about an old one is countering the predominant narrative. In September, explosions rocked Nord Stream 2, with the immediate accusation being that Russia had blown up its own pipeline. Now, officials are admitting there’s no real evidence to support that conclusion, with some saying they don’t believe the Kremlin was behind it.

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