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The family of a man shot and killed by police after they went to the wrong house, have announced their intention to file a lawsuit, multiple outlets reported.

“This horrific night that happened feels like a horrible nightmare,” new widow Kim Dotson said at a press conference Thursday, her family at her side. “This careless act of not being at the right address has taken everything from this family.”

“We want to ensure that this tragedy that has devastated our family does not ever happen again.”

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“This was a straight-up assassination of Robert Lee Dotson,” said California attorney Shon Northam during the press conference, as reported by Farmington Daily Times.

During the conference, the family’s legal team announced their intention to file a civil lawsuit in federal court, urged the firing or resignation of Farmington Police Chief Steve Hebbe, and asked authorities to pursue criminal charges against the officers who shot Robert Dotson.

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