Source: Sarah Tate

Folks in Tennessee were stunned over the weekend when they looked up into the sky and spotted some mysterious lights high above the rolling hills of the Volunteer State.

A string of strange lights was seen by people across the state around 6 p.m. Friday (December 3), causing many people to ask, “What did we just see?” They took to social media in the hopes of finding some explanation behind the mysterious lights, some saying it could be a comet while others went straight to aliens.

A person in South Nashville filmed a short video showing the chain of lights high in the sky, with an airplane passing nearby at one point. Watch the clip below, which they shared with WSMV.

While some theories may be more fantastical, the likes of which you see in science fiction, the real explanation is much more down to Earth. On Thursday (December 2), SpaceX launched its Starlink satellites, a system meant to give people in remote locations access to the internet. The satellites passed over Tennessee Friday night.

Tennessee is no stranger to odd sightings high in the sky. In fact, one city has some of the most reported sightings of UFOs in the entire country.