Posted BY: Dave Basner

Last year, NASA successfully landed the Perseverance rover on Mars with a mission to seek out past, and perhaps even current, signs of life, as well as to collect rock and other samples. Since then, the rover and its onboard helicopter, Ingenuity, have spotted some weird things: an “alien boot,” metallic wreckage, and possibly even an alien. It turns out though, NASA may have gotten a photo of a UFO from a rover as well.

In 2003, the space agency sent up a different rover, Spirit. Spirit went to the Red Planet with a 90-day mission but far outlasted that, remaining active for six years. During that time, the rover found evidence Mars was once much wetter than it is now, and provided more data about the Marian wind. It also took hundreds of photos and someone combing through all those pictures just stumbled upon one that appears to show a UFO.

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The long, strange craft was examined in a video by UFO Sightings Daily and has most people stumped.

Viewers are impressed by the find, calling it “mind-blowing” and writing things like, “Great capture of what could possibly be someone’s else’s drone watching 👀 our rovers.” Others, however, are not convinced, stating, “It’s not a drone or a UFO. Some particles on the lens of the cam.”

As yet, there’s no word from NASA on what it could be, but you can see the full, official picture, and others that Spirit took, here