The leftist green movement has scared the masses into accepting their rights being stripped away in the name of ‘climate change

Posted BY: Kelen McBreen

Conservative filmmaker and activist Ami Horowitz released a new man on the street report Tuesday where he asked American citizens if they’d support a Covid-style lockdown to “bring CO2 levels down.”

Nearly every person interviewed agreed “climate change” is one of the top issues facing humanity today and was open to climate lockdowns.

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One woman suggested there were a lot of people during the Covid lockdowns “who saw the positivity of being at home” and a man claimed the Covid lockdowns themselves helped the environment.

Every person featured in the video was supportive of going into a climate lockdown, one woman saying she’d be alright with it, “If a lockdown is what it takes to kind of have a little significant change.”

After each interviewee agreed they’d be fine with a three-month lockdown, Horowitz pressed them, asking, “What about six months?” and “Should we do a year lockdown?”

The victims of globalist propaganda quickly blurted, “Yes,” each time Horowitz increased the length of the hypothetical climate lockdown.

Many of the citizens claimed they’d live through a climate lockdown for as long as the governments of the world told them was necessary to save Mother Earth.

“I would do it as long as we needed to,” said one man ironically wearing a t-shirt reading, “Trust Nobody.”

“If you want to live for the future, you stay inside,” he told the camera.

A lady told Horowitz, “Listen, you could lock me down until I die if it means my great-great grandkids will have a healthy planet to live on.”

When the reporter asked about the economic downside of a climate lockdown and the social unrest that would inevitably result, the people simply said the environment was more important.

“All that sucks, but you know what’s gonna suck more? If we don’t have a fucking planet to live on,” said one of the girls interviewed.

This report highlights the strength of globalist propaganda as most common people regurgitate the same mainstream talking points spoonfed to academia and the media by globalist groups like the WEF and others.