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Tucker Carlson is neither down nor out; he is going to come back bigger and better than ever. All you goofy virgins who love “Star Wars” will recall that when Darth Vader sliced Obi-Wan Kenobi in two – or at least his moth-eaten cloak – Ben stopped existing in this dimension and became a superbeing who popped in for a chat whenever Luke was in trouble. Tucker’s pretty much going to do that for the movement. Though Tucker may have been tossed off his perch at Fox (or jumped – we will eventually get the details on how this denouement went down), he will land on his feet and crush the libs beneath his preppy Topsiders.

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Fox, on the other hand, will face some challenges (Full Disclosure: I occasionally guest on Fox shows and I have done hits with Tucker). It does not absolutely own the conservatives today if it ever did. The regime media and the leftists do not understand that a lot of conservatives have been annoyed with Fox for quite a while – these cons think Fox is soft. But that misunderstands what Fox is, or at least what it strives to be. Fox, for its part, has to both be the network that welcomes the 50% of Americans the regime media rejects and also maintain old-school journalistic standards. The problem is that the Fox audience has little patience for old-school journalistic standards in an age where the rest of the media slanders it as a bunch of racist, sexist monsters who think that only women can get pregnant. The audience wants a cheerleader network, and not just in the primetime opinion shows, and that creates significant tension regarding Fox’s identity.

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