Source: Breitbart

A student who said Abertay University investigated her for saying that women have vaginas and are not as strong as men has been cleared of wrongdoing.

29-year-old Lisa Keogh, who was studying law at the Scottish university, said she was subjected to a “modern day witch hunt” for arguing that biologically male transwomen should not be allowed to compete against natural-born women in athletic contests due to males’ strength advantage over the fairer sex, and was supported in her defence by Joanna Cherry, an MP for the left-separatist Scottish National Party (SNP).

Cherry was until recently something of a heroine to the liberal left for her legal battle against the prorogation of Parliament while MPs were trying to frustrate Brexit, as well as a senior member of her party — serving as its frontbench spokeswoman on justice and home affairs as well as its national executive committee.

She no longer fills those roles, however, and is now often lambasted by the social justice left as a “TERF” — trans-exclusionary radical feminist — for her opposition to reforms allowing transgender individuals to change their gender through a simple statutory declaration.

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