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(Natural News) New research published in the peer-reviewed journal Circulation shows that adolescents and young adults who get “vaccinated” for covid suffer a massive spike in protein invasion that often leads to a heart attack.

Researchers from Harvard Medical School looked at a cohort of children who were hospitalized at either Massachusetts General Hospital or Boston Children’s Hospital between January 2021 and February 2022 due to their having developed post-injection myocarditis. The research team found that the subjects had “markedly elevated levels of full-length spike protein” in their blood that was “unbounded by antibodies.”

A publication of the American Heart Association (AHA), Circulation published this damning research on January 4 of this year, adding to a growing body of evidence linking covid injections to heart destruction.

The control group in the study, which was described as “healthy, asymptomatic, age-matched vaccinated control subjects” – meaning vaccinated with other vaccines but not covid vaccines – showed no signs of free-floating spike antigens, despite “essentially indistinguishable” antibody profiling and T-cell responses between the two groups.

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In other words, covid injections are uniquely damaging to the heart, triggering an inflammatory response so severe that associated spike proteins outsmart the antibodies and flood the bloodstream. (Related: Remember when the AMA tried to blame cannabis legalization for the massive increase in heart disease?)

“Immunoprofiling of vaccinated adolescents and young adults revealed that the mRNA vaccine–induced immune responses did not differ between individuals who developed myocarditis and individuals who did not,” the researchers explained.

“However, free spike antigen was detected in the blood of adolescents and young adults who developed post-mRNA vaccine myocarditis, advancing insight into its potential underlying cause.”

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