Source: Gateway Pundit

The beasts in the liberal fake news media never rest.

On Tuesday President Donald Trump read off a Gateway Pundit article headline to FOX News anchor Bill Hemmer during their interview, “NY Gov. Cuomo Rejected Buying Recommended 16,000 Ventilators in 2015 for Pandemic, Established Death Panels and Lottery Instead.

The TGP report written by contributor Kristinn Taylor was based on a column published earlier this month by the esteemed former New York Lieutenant Governor Betsy McCaughey (who served under Governor George Pataki), a February report by the New York Times and a 2015 press release by the Cuomo administration.

And we also discovered evidence from a New York State Health Department important report on why the decision was made to reject purchasing emergency ventilators.

The extra ventilators were not purchased due to funding concerns.

Page 30 of 272 pages.

The Cuomo Administration rejected the purchase of the ventilators and as The New York Times reported they focused on lotteries and death panels instead.


This really struck a nerve in the fake news media.
It must really threaten them that the Cuomo administration was so callous in their responsibilities.
Death panels aren’t too popular in the middle of a pandemic, huh?

Yahoo smeared The Gateway Pundit–

The Wrap piled on.