A new poll shows just what percentage of registered voters thought the testimony of Michael Cohen against President Donald Trump before Congress was credible.

It’s not a lot.

The HarrisX/TheHill poll found that only 37 percent of registered voters surveyed said that they found the former lawyer and confidante of the president to be credible.

Cohen flipped on Trump after ten years of being his close personal friend and lawyer. In dramatic testimony before Congress, he accused the president of indirectly suborning perjury and said that he was a racist and a liar.

Those accusations were found to be non-credible according to 25 percent surveyed in the poll.

Here’s a graph of the results from the Hill:

Image Source: The Hill video screenshot

A slim plurality said that they hadn’t formed an opinion on Cohen’s credibility: 39 percent of those surveyed.

Not surprisingly, the split in opinion fell along partisan lines, with 58 percent of Democrats saying they found him credible, whole only 15 percent of Republicans said he was credible.

Here’s more about the Cohen testimony: