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Candace Owens is one of many public figures actively encouraging Kyle Rittenhouse to take legal action against those who smeared him as a “white supremacist” and a “murderer.”

Owens took to Twitter and posted a meme that cannot be misinterpreted.

She posted a gif of one of the dragons from the show Game of Thrones destroying the Lannister army.

With that, Owens added the caption “SUE THEM ALL, KYLE.

Candace was also a guest on Tucker Carlson Tonight, and she took that opportunity to slam the mainstream media, politicians, and social media for pushing lies about Kyle Rittenhouse:

Owens continues to be one of the the strongest voices against the fake mainstream media.

She has been advocating for Kyle’s legal team to dedicate everything to going after everyone who smeared him.

Candace is far from alone in this cause.

Twitter feeds are currently being flooded with blue checkmarks encouraging Kyle Rittenhouse to sue the pants off of everyone from the FBI to Joe Biden for their roles in smeering him.

This is a message we can all agree on.

Sue them all: