Lifelong Democrats say they’re either not voting or voting for Trump.

Support For Black Lives Matter Plummets in Wisconsin Amidst Kenosha Riots

Source: Paul Joseph Watson |

Support for Black Lives Matter in the key swing state of Wisconsin has plummeted from +25 approval to zero amidst the riots in Kenosha.

The city has been plagued by rioting, looting, violence and arson all week following the police killing of Jacob Blake, culminating in the Tuesday night shooting of three BLM protesters, two fatally, by a 17-year-old who acted in self-defense.

A new poll suggests that the bedlam is turning people against Black Lives Matter, and by proxy Joe Biden, who has endorsed BLM on numerous occasions.

“Democrats need to be extremely concerned about what’s happening in Wisconsin, where support for BLM has gone from +25 to +0 in 2 months,” tweeted Jonathan Chait.

He cites a newly released RPubs poll which also shows that approval for Black Lives Matter amongst whites has dropped from +22 to -5 since June.

The poll was taken before much of the violence unfolded in Kenosha, meaning the numbers are likely even worse for BLM approval.

The poll numbers are backed up by anecdotal evidence from a New York Times article about how the violence is “already swaying some voters in Kenosha.”

The article quotes several voters who say their support for Trump has hardened because of the riots, while also highlighting how the chaos is driving Democrats away from Joe Biden.

For example, 59-year-old Scott Haight said he was a “lifelong Democrat” but that he isn’t going to vote this year.

Priscella Gazda, who only voted once in her life – for Obama in 2008 – told the newspaper, “I am going to vote for Trump. He seems to be more about the American people and what we need.”

As we highlighted earlier this week, people like Don Lemon are suddenly expressing concern that the relentless rioting is harming Democrats’ chances in the 2020 election.

“I think Democrats are ignoring this problem or hoping that it will go away…Joe Biden may be afraid to do it…He’s got to address it. He’s got to come out and talk about it,” said the CNN host.

CNN poll earlier this month also found that Biden’s lead over Trump had dropped from 14 points in early June to just 4 points following three months of unrest.

A separate Pew poll also found that almost as many American voters now view violent crime as an important election issue compared to coronavirus, something that is likely to help President Trump.

“A sizable 59 percent of voters in the survey indicate that violent crime, which President Trump has framed as happening in Democrat-controlled cities, is a “very important” factor in casting their ballots,” writes Rusty Weiss.

Democrats are clearly starting to become very nervous that more moderate voters are turned off by Black Lives Matter/Antifa rioting, but the notion that they can do anything to reign in the mayhem looks incredibly unlikely.