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Christopher Chantrill

Watching the four former Twitter executives testifying before Congress last week I wasn’t sure whether they were trying out for the part of Sgt. Schultz in a woke redo of Hogan’s Heroes or whether they were doing an out-of-town tryout for the “The Four Twits,” a multicultural reimagining of The Three Stooges.

Actually, I feel sorry for them — except for James Baker, formerly of the FBI. If you are a woke executive twerp at a social-media company and you start getting calls from the “intelligence community” during a desperate national crisis that all good people agree is the moral equivalent of war, what are you going to do? Call some racist-sexist-homophobe Republican senator for help? If you do that and you will never work in this town again.

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Back in the day, when the educated world was reeling in shock from McCarthyism, a subaltern Twit could have expected support from the fearless national icon Edward R. Murrow — of CBS! — telling us in 1954 that

We are not descended from fearful men, not from men who feared to write, to speak, to associate, and to defend causes that were for the moment unpopular.

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