Source: Kyle Becker

The Democrats have tried so hard over and over again to conjure up hoaxes, witch hunts, show trials, kabuki theater, partisan indictments, fake news, media circuses, smears, and even accusations of treason to destroy former President Donald Trump, only to fall flat on their faces time and time again.

Whether it was illegal campaign surveillance, phony impeachments (both attempts, one and two), partisan indictments over ‘fringe benefits,’ and now the looming possibility of subpoenaing Trump for a partisan, non-independent January 6th commission, all means of weaponizing the government have been on the table for the ruthlessly immoral Democrats.

Of course, the reason the Democrats have failed is because they are a bunch of lying con artists. Quietly over the Fourth of July weekend, the Supreme Court of the United States put the death knell on the Dems’ attempt to use the Mueller report to bring down the now ex-president.

“Congressional Democrats’ years-long attempt to nail down whether then-President Donald Trump lied to special counsel Robert Mueller effectively ended on Friday, with the US Supreme Court wiping away court decisions where the House Judiciary Committee was told it could access secret grand jury records from key witnesses in the Mueller investigation,” CNN reported on Friday.

“The House now won’t get those grand jury records — bringing to a close Democrats’ pursuit of what witnesses in the Mueller investigation said confidentially under oath about their interactions with Trump and others during the 2016 campaign,” the report continued.

“Since 2019, the Judiciary Committee had sought access to records from the Mueller investigation’s grand jury proceedings, which were cited in Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 election,” the report added. “The House had repeatedly said it wanted the records so it could consider whether to impeach Trump for attempting to obstruct the Russia investigation, which Mueller also documented.”

Although the Supreme Court had earlier agreed to hear cases pertaining to the attempt to get the records, the high court vacated earlier rulings on Friday. The politicized Justice Department subsequently whined about it.

“The Trump Administration succeeded in running out the clock and thereby undermined the ability of the House of Representatives to have access to all of the relevant facts as it considered impeachment,” House General Counsel Douglas Letter complained. “The Committee fully trusts that the Justice Department will return to its prior longstanding position and support disclosure at the appropriate time. Any failure to do so would gravely unsettle the separation of powers enshrined in the Constitution and undermine the public’s trust in our system of government.”

Of course, such reasoning never applies to Democrats, as we saw with the Mueller probe itself, as well as Hillary Clinton’s emails, Benghazi, NSA spying, the list goes on and on. No, the only concern the “Justice” Department apparently has is going after Trump and his peaceful supporters, including bagging MAGA grandmas who were let into the Capitol building on January 6th and who rotted in a jail cell as if they were violent criminals.

At least the Supreme Court put an end to one of the Democrats’ charades on Friday. The Mueller investigation was nothing short of an abject failure that wasted the American people’s time and money. But having learned nothing, the Democrats are set to do it all over again in regards to January 6th.