Government using corporations and institutions to create a two-tiered society once the FDA fully approves the COVID injections.

Source: Nworeport

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy claimed Sunday that COVID vaccine mandates at businesses and colleges are “a very reasonable thing to do.”

In an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Murthy said that once the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) formally approves the injection, then implementing mandates at those places will “create a safe environment.”

“We already know that there are many businesses and universities that have moved toward vaccine requirements and I think that’s a very reasonable thing to do to create a safe environment,” Murthy told host Brianna Keilar.

The Obama and Biden appointee added that he supports school mandating vaccines and masks for children – the lowest at-risk demographic to the China Virus.

“There’s one other thing I think we need to do that some states have been doing to create a safer school environment, and that’s requiring that employees in the school, including teachers and other staff, are vaccinated as well to create a safer environment for our kids,” Murthy said.

“I think all of these are reasonable because when we’re faced with the most transmissible variant that we’ve seen to date, the delta variant. When we have our kids, essentially is the point of concern here in our schools and their health and wellbeing on the line, we’ve got to take every step we can.”

“And so I think that these measures, these requirements, we’re seeing are absolutely reasonable, but I think they will help,” he added.

The FDA is reportedly considering approving the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines as early as this week.