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In a sign that Joe Biden’s running mate choice is coming soon, a top contender has sold her shares in streaming video giant Netflix. 

Former Obama regime hatchet woman Susan Rice who has reportedly made the cut into the top two dumped her stock in the company where she serves as a board member which has led to speculation that she will be the winner of Bidens’ VP sweepstakes. 

As Barack Obama’s former national security advisor, Rice is well-positioned to step into the job if Democrat cheating and the vote by mail scam result in a Biden win. 

She also knows where all the bodies are buried and will immediately go to work to bury any evidence of Obama’s scheming and abuse of the nation’s anti-terrorism surveillance apparatus for political purposes. 

Via The Wall Street Journal, “Susan Rice Sells Netflix Shares as Biden Eyes Her as Possible Running Mate”:

Susan Rice, believed to be a top contender to be Joe Biden’s vice presidential running mate, has sold a significant proportion of the Netflix Inc. shares she has acquired since becoming a company director in May 2018.

The former national security adviser and United Nations ambassador for President Obama exercised roughly a quarter of the more than 5,200 options she held as of this week, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing dated Thursday.

Mr. Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, is expected to announce his running mate next week. Ms. Rice is viewed as a strong contender because she worked closely with him when he was vice president and he is known to value personal relationships.

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this week that Ms. Rice held the options in an article about her having more experience in corporate America than any of the other women Mr. Biden is believed to be considering.

At her sale price of $508.68 per share, Ms. Rice netted about $305,000 after accounting for the various strike prices associated with the options awarded to her as compensation.

“Ambassador Rice’s sale of a fraction of her Netflix stock has nothing to do with V.P. speculation,” Erin Pelton, Ms. Rice’s spokeswoman, said in a statement. “She filed a stock plan pursuant to SEC regulations over three months ago.”

A Netflix spokeswoman declined to comment.

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Rice’s stock sale can’t be seen as good news for Kamala Harris who is also at the top of the list but a Politico report that she would be the pick was retracted and Team Biden may have cooled on the ambitious Californian. 

A Rice pick would essentially put Barack Obama back into the White House with lunchpail Joe’s mental condition deteriorating by the day and would have the former president calling the shots remotely.

Her involvement in the set-up of General Michael Flynn, the unmasking of President Trump and members of his campaign and transition team, and the spying will quickly be forgotten by a media that has never given her role in the coup the attention that it merited. 

Other contenders are Elizabeth Warren whose skin color is disqualifying and Rep. Karen Bass whose stock has plummeted after comments that she made praising murderous Cuban dictator Fidel Castro were unearthed. 

Team Biden is expected to announce the choice as soon as next week.