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Just who exactly is going to the Bilderberg meeting?

June 10, 2015 2 comments
Of the 133 people due to arrive in the small town of Telfs-Buchen, Austria, this week, 21 will be politicians

Just who exactly is going to the Bilderberg meeting?

Source: BBC News | Justin Parkinson |

The Bilderberg meeting, an annual gathering of some of the most powerful and influential figures in the world, starts on Thursday. But who’s on this year’s guest list?

Critics call it a sinister conspiracy, reinforcing without accountability the dominance of a transatlantic capitalist cabal. Those involved say it’s merely an informal way to understand better the way the world works and to share their expertise to improve it.

Whatever one’s view, an invitation to the four-day Bilderberg meeting is a sign that someone has arrived as a politician, business leader, administrator or opinion-influencer.

Chart: Representation at Bilderberg

Of the 133 people due to arrive in the small town of Telfs-Buchen, Austria, this week, 21 will be politicians. Among them is a regular attendee in UK Chancellor George Osborne. Another notable figure is Ed Balls, his former Labour shadow, who lost his seat in Parliament in May’s general election but is still deemed influential enough to come. The United Kingdom – including its economic performance – is on the agenda.

Full article here

Italian Lawyer Demands Public Prosecutor Investigate Bilderberg Group

February 12, 2013 Leave a comment

Alfonso Luigi Marra charges secretive organization colluded to pick Mario Monti as Prime Minister

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

Italian lawyer Alfonso Luigi Marra has requested that the Public Prosecutor of Rome investigate the secretive Bilderberg Group for criminal activity, questioning whether the elitist organization’s 2011 meeting in Switzerland led to the selection of Mario Monti as Prime Minister of Italy.

The Bilderberg Group is an annual confab of around 120 of the most influential power brokers on the planet from the world of politics, business, banking, academia, media, and even royalty. Mainstream press reports routinely downplay the significance of the meeting despite the fact that it has proven its kingmaker status on numerous occasions in the past and is clearly not just a “talking shop,” as some have characterized Bilderberg.

Marra’s full request that the Public Prosecutor of Rome investigate Bilderberg, a translation of which is posted here (original version in Italian here), identifies the organization as a “secret world government seeking to destabilize democracies through carnage,” that has relied on “institutional collusion” to keep its agenda largely secret.

Marra cites article 18 of the Italian Constitution, which explicitly bans secret societies from engaging in political activities.

Labeling the group a “unique, illegal brotherhood” of elitists who consider themselves to be “above the law,” Marra points the finger at Bilderberg for engineering wars, economic collapses, and arming dictators, activities which, “constitute an obvious, blatant violation, to say the least, of the articles of the Criminal Code.”

Marra urges the Public Prosecutor to investigate Bilderberg for engaging in illegal activities, “with particular reference to the legality of the conduct of Mario Monti as a member of Bilderberg,” and an “assessment of whether there are connections between some politicians” who attended the 2011 Bilderberg meeting in St. Moritz “and his appointment to the Presidency of the Council.”

Mario Monti, a former international advisor for Goldman Sachs, the European Chairman of David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission and also a leading member of the Bilderberg Group, assumed office as Italian Prime Minister following the resignation of Silvio Berlusconi in November 2011.

Monti’s cabinet was entirely comprised of unelected bureaucrats, prompting charges that Monti was merely the latest of a growing list of ex-Goldman Sachs technocrats selected undemocratically to seize control of European economies.

Monti attended the 2011 Bilderberg meeting in St. Moritz, Switzerland, at which Luigi suggests a deal may have been struck to appoint Monti as Berlusconi’s successor. Since the conference took place in June, five months before Monti’s appointment as PM, if evidence of this was uncovered by the Public Prosecutor it would clearly indicate that underhanded scheming had secured the position for Monti.

There are innumerable other examples of how Bilderberg has influenced major global events ahead of time, picking Presidents and Prime Ministers on a regular basis with total contempt for the democratic process.

In 2009, Bilderberg chairman Étienne Davignon even bragged about how the Euro single currency was a brainchild of the Bilderberg Group.

The former Prime Minister of Belgium, Herman Van Rompuy, was picked for the role of European Union President just days after he attended a Bilderberg Group dinner meeting in November 2009.

In 2010, former NATO Secretary-General and Bilderberg member Willy Claes admitted that Bilderberg attendees are mandated to implement decisions that are formulated during the annual conference of power brokers. If this is the case, it would violate laws in numerous countries that forbid politicians from being influenced by foreign agents in secret.

During the 2011 meeting in St. Moritz, Dominique Baettig, a prominent member of Switzerland’s largest political party, attempted to confront other Swiss politicians attending the secretive confab and called for a parliamentary investigation into the activities of the group.

VIDEO: Confronted On Bilderberg Attendance, Obama’s Economic Advisor Feigns Memory Loss

August 9, 2012 Leave a comment

Former Fed Chairman Volcker Says He Hasn’t been to elite meeting for 15 years, yet was pictured at 2010 gathering

Source: Steve Watson

Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve under presidents Carter and Reagan, and current Chair of President Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, Paul Volcker, feigned ignorance when asked recently about his regular attendance at the elite annual Bilderberg meeting.

Volcker was attending a public event when Infowars journalist Luke Rudkowski, founder of the activist group We Are Change, asked the economic guru about his presence at recent Bilderberg shindigs.

“What Bilderberg meeting?” Volcker replied when Rudkowski asked him what discussions had taken place.

“I do not think I have been at a Bilderberg meeting for twenty years.” Volcker added.

“You’re name is on the attendees list and this is the institution that sets American policy.” Rudkowski fired back.

“My name may be on an attendees list, but I do not remember the last time I have been there.” Volcker replied.

Though Rudkowski cites 1997 as the last time Volcker attended, his name, in fact, appeared on both the 2009 and 2010 attendees lists. Volcker is even listed on the official Bilderberg steering committee website as having attended in 2010, the first year the attendees list had ever been officially released by the group itself.

Volcker was even pictured (below) at the 2010 meeting in Sitges, Spain. The photograph was published on the London Guardian website.

Bilderberg power gallery: Paul Volcker, centre and James A Johnson, right

Continuing his line of questioning, Rudkowski noted “many key players say that this is the institution that engineered this economic crisis..”

“Maybe that’s why I havn’t gone there for ten years.” Volcker replied, suddenly halving his previous estimate of how long he has not attended the meeting for.

As he was leaving the event, Rudkowski was again able to speak to Volcker. During the exchange the former Fed head said “I’ve been so insulted that they (Bilderberg) have not invited me there for fifteen years,” again altering the year count.

As he entered the elevator to depart and Rudkowski continued his questions, Volcker said “I’m a member of the Trilateral commission, that is correct. I am a member of the Federal Reserve, which is the most insidious one.”

Watch the exchange below:

We Are Change previously confronted Volcker in 2009 over his Bilderberg attendance.

In that video, Volcker not only acknowledged that he attended their meeting that year, and two or three times previously, he also acknowledged the authority of the Logan Act, which prohibits unauthorized U.S. citizens from negotiating with foreign governments, punishable under federal law with imprisonment up to three years.

Volcker implied that because the Federal Reserve is a non-governmental private institution, it’s officials are not beholden to the Logan Act. However, given that Volcker is also part of Obama’s economic advisory, team that point is moot in his case, and he would be liable for punishment.

Watch the 2009 exchange with Volcker below:

Why can’t Paul Volcker remember that he was at the Bilderberg meeting twice in the last three years? Is Volcker senile? If so what is he doing heading up Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory and sitting on the board of the Fed? Or is he just a liar? What do you think?

Detractors argue that Bilderberg does not set US economic policy, and may point out that Volcker is no longer head of the Federal Reserve and only acts in an advisory capacity. That argument falls flat on its face when you consider video shot by protesters of the current Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke leaving the meetingin 2008, weeks before the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the sparking point for the current economic crisis. Bernanke later refused to talk about his attendance at the meeting when directly questioned.

Before the crisis hit in September 2008, a mole inside Bilderberg warned that as part of the 2008 meeting, the Bilderberg group agreed that certain key institutions should be allowed to fail, while others should not.

In 2006, sources inside Bilderberg leaked information that indicated the group was fully aware of an impending housing bubble, and the catastrophic effects it would have. Even mainstream media and cultural sources have concluded that the housing bubble was created, for the most part, artificially and deliberately by elite manipulation of Federal Reserve and investment banking policy. Essentially, the economy was crashed deliberately as part of a program of consolidation of wealth by the extremely rich and powerful.

Foreign Troops to Confiscate American Guns Under UN Treaty

July 27, 2012 1 comment

Source:Aaron Dykes

“Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order … tomorrow they will be grateful.” -Attributed to Henry Kissinger during the 1991 Bilderberg meeting

For those who’ve been wondering how the domestic gun grabbers or the United Nations think they’re going to get away with gun control here at home, one need look no further than Article 15 of the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty.

Many American troops are patriots who understand their oaths to uphold the Constitution, so they can’t be counted upon to confiscate guns. But foreign troops are another story.

Article 15 of the UN Arms Trade Treaty, if ratified, provides for foreign “assistance to implement the Treaty,” and mandates that nations whocan provide requested support must do so if requested by member nations. That includes legal, financial, technical as well as “material” assistance to enforce a treaty that declares “recreational, cultural, historical and sporting activities” to be the “exclusively” recognized reasons for lawful private ownership, and which further recognizes the “inherent rights” of the State (i.e. nations under the treaty) to self-defense, but makes no mention of the rights of the individual.

Read the language of Article 15 for yourself:


Article 15
International Assistance


In fulfilling the obligation of this Treaty, States Parties may seek, inter alia, legal assistance, legislative assistance, technical assistance, institutional capacity building, material assistance or financial assistance. States, in a position to do so, shall provide such assistance. States Parties may contribute resources to a voluntary trust fund to assist requesting States Parties requiring such assistance to implement the Treaty.

States Parties shall afford one another the widest measure of assistance, consistent with their respective legal and administrative systems, in investigations, prosecutions and judicial proceedings in relation to the violations of the national measures implemented to comply with obligations under of the provisions of this Treaty.

Each State Party may offer or receive assistance, inter alia, through the United Nations international, regional, subregional or national organizations, non-governmental organizations or on a bi-lateral basis. Such assistance may include technical, financial, material and other forms of assistance as needed, upon request.


Will foreign troops be going door-to-door to ensure compliance with new gun registry policies, imposed limits on ammunition and magazines, or in enforcing outright confiscation? Joint training exercises conducted between U.S. armed forces and various foreign armies have trained to do just that.

In 2010, the Infowars crew covered Operation Vigilant Guard, a joint training exercise in Chicago, in which U.S. troops drilled with Eastern bloc troops to partner in stopping terrorism, dealing with meth dealers and WMDs, as well as in gun confiscation. Countless other exercises have taken place on U.S. soil involving similar joint operations for a martial law occupation with the participation of foreign troops:

Foreign Troops Training To Confiscate Guns of Americans 

American troops were ordered to conduct door-to-door gun confiscation sweeps after Hurricane Katrina, and while it has emerged that at least one unit stood down and refused the order, many more carried out the unconstitutional mission. That precedent has been followed by other exercises training American soldiers for gun seizures, along with other martial law measures.

Infowars Nightly News co-host Rob Dew underscored the history of training to take American guns in hisrecent viral report:

Troops Ordered To Kill All Americans Who Do Not Turn In Guns

Meanwhile, the United Nations itself has forcibly disarmed numerous African nations using foreign troops, and the vacuum of power has led in several cases to genocidal atrocities as a direct result of taking away arms. The genocide in Rwanda was enabled by forcible disarmament. As Republic Magazine writes, the mass murder was “carried out by government-aligned Hutu tribal militias against a targeted ethnic population – the Tutsis – who had been disarmed with the help of UN “peacekeeping” forces under the supervision of future UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.” The Darfur crisis in Sudan also has its roots in UN-led population disarmament, as does the Burma (Myanmar) massacre, again the result of disarmament. Armed troops representing international interests including the World Bank burned down homes and killed children in effort to forcibly evict some 40,000 Ugandans on the basis of conserving lands to combat climate change.

Indeed, genocide and disarmed populations go hand-in-hand through history– just look at the history ofDemocide (death by government). R.J. Rummel at the University of Hawaii is the leading academic on the subject, and has estimated that more than 262 million unnatural deaths in the 20th Century alone were caused by government, and most were at the hands of despots preying upon their helpless peoples. From Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia, to Turkey, Armenia and beyond, gun bans have created a shift in the balance of power towards the state, creating an atmosphere of victim disarmament.

Blue helmets or foreign uniforms have no place on foreign soil, yet the UN Arms Trade Treaty text reveals a mechanism to impose just that type of control– even in America.

Read the treaty text for yourself and see our report from yesterday: Bombshell: Leaked UN Treaty Does Ban Guns

Bilderberg 1966 Data Dump – The War on Nationalism Exposed Aaron Dykes

June 13, 2012 Leave a comment

Source: Aaron Dykes

RELATED: Strictly Confidential: 1966 Bilderberg Documents Leaked
RELATED: Leaked Bilderberg Documents: “Nationalism Is Dangerous”

In the days following coverage of the 2012 Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, Virginia, Infowars began exposing a series of leaked documents marked “strictly confidential” and “not for publication” exposing details from inside past Bilderberg meetings– namely the Wiesbaden, Germany conference that took place during March 1966.

Our on-air coverage exposed the Bilderberg-centered globalists’ deep-seated hatred for nationalism and, of course, their long-term vision to steer the world towards global government. In 1966, these larger goals hinged around two key agenda items, as set by Bilderberg’s founder and then chairman, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. As the documents below make clear, the first item dealt with reorganizing NATO, while the second dealt with coordinating world economic development, particularly between the industrial world and the developing world.

For the first time, we are releasing these documents in full, so that all may read themselves and the veil of secrecy shrouded around Bilderberg may be brought to an end. Given the cost in bandwidth to serve out these documents, please remember that you can support us by subscribing to or mirroring these PDFs on your own platform. Let’s just get the word out!

Also, visit our Bilderberg 2012 archive, with extensive coverage of the current agenda now unfolding.

Watch our videos discussing the important members of Bilderberg, and the now-revealed aspects of their agenda below:

– Basic attendees list for Bilderberg 1966 [PDF

– Information for 1966 invitees on travel, etc., including Prince Bernhard’s letter, the basic agenda, and an extended attendee list. [PDF]

– Handwritten minutes taken down by Sen. Fred Harris during each 1966 Bilderberg speaker, including repeated statements demonizing nationalism [PDF]

– AGENDA ITEM #1: Should NATO be reorganized and if so how?
Bilderberg policy proposal on reorganizing NATO’s purpose, as per 1966 agenda item #1, written by attendee Robert R. Bowie (United States), followed by background info send to invitees on NATO as well as U.S. Senate Testimony given by Dean Acheson (a prominent member of the Wise Mendeeply embedded in Bilderberg, Skull & Bones, etc.) in April 1966, presumably in response to Bilderberg’s proposals. [PDF]

– AGENDA ITEM #2: The future of world economic relations, especially between industrial and developing countries.
Bilderberg policy proposal on world economic development, as per agenda item #2, written by attendee Jan Tinbergen (Netherlands), followed by background information on IMF policies regarding “Compensatory Financing of Export Fluctuations” from 1963, and then by David Rockefeller’s 1965 speech to the International Industrial Conference in San Francisco. [PDF]

– A separate file of just David Rockefeller’s 1965 speech to the International Industrial Conference in San Francisco, wherein he concludes by boldly stating “What we are is God’s gift to man; What we become is man’s gift to God.” [PDF]

– Miscelleneous and incomplete documents from both the 1965 and 1967 Bilderberg meetings, including a 1965 attendees list and cover sheets for a 1967 meeting summary document, as well as a cover sheet for a report by Bilderberg’s shadow founder Dr. Joseph Retinger dated April 1962. [PDF]

– A series of follow-up letter exchanges between Sen. Fred Harris (whose library these documents emerged from) and individuals including UAW president Walter P. Reuther (a fellow 1966 attendee), Emilio Collado, vice president of Standard Oil & first president of the World Bank, discussing one Dr. Siro Vasquez, a petroleum engineer who worked for Standard Oil and other Rockefeller entities, and finally from Joe Weingarten, inviting Harris to join the World Institute for Peace, an interest closely linked with top Bilderbergers like U.S. organizer Joseph E. Johnson, who then headed the Carnegie Institute for International Peace. [PDF]

All files in ZIP format (31.1 MB)

Leaked Bilderberg Documents: “Nationalism Is Dangerous”

Infowars exclusively obtains Senator’s notes, minutes, agenda from 1966 confab

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

Editor’s Note: We have obtained hundreds of documents from the 1966 meeting. This is a Wikileaks-sized data dump and we will be writing several more articles over the next few days to cover the myriad of different issues at hand.

Leaked documents from the 1966 Bilderberg Group conference exclusively obtained by Infowars betray how even as far back as five decades ago U.S. Senators were being indoctrinated with the belief that “nationalism is dangerous” by Bilderberg elitists, in addition to top union heads scheming behind their members’ backs with titans of capitalism and industry.

Previously leaked documents from meetings have illustrated how the Bilderberg Group, contrary to the media-generated myth that the confab represents a harmless talking shop, sets the consensus for policy decisions sometimes decades in advance.

A clear example is the 1955 Bilderberg meeting held in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, West Germany. Documents read by the BBC and later released by Wikileaks divulge how Bilderberg members were discussing the creation of the euro single currency nearly 40 years before it was officially introduced in the 1992 Maastricht Treaty.

The documents obtained by Infowars are from the Bilderberg Group meeting which took place in Wiesbaden, Germany in late March 1966.. The files are marked “personal and strictly confidential,” and “Not for publication either in whole or in part.” They consist of Bilderberg’s agenda for that year’s confab along with hand-written notes made by Democratic U.S. Senator for Oklahoma Fred R. Harris, who attended the meeting.

Participants in the 1966 conference included well known figures such as David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and John J. McCloy, who served on the Warren Commission and was a member of the foreign policy establishment group of elders called “The Wise Men.”

Harris had only been in office for less than two years before he was invited to the Bilderberg confab, suggesting he was being sounded out for potential grooming for higher office. The former Senator is still alive and currently works as a professor of political science at the University of New Mexico.

Included in the documents is the official invitation Harris received from Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, Bilderberg founder and member of the German Nazi party. The letter is personally signed by the Prince.

The most alarming portion of Harris’ hand-written notes concern a speech given during the Bilderberg confab by one time Communist Party member and union leader Walter P. Reuther, who was politically active from the 1930′s up until his death in 1970. Reuther was a leading force in the United Automobile Workers (UAW) and later helped set up the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions.

Conservative icon Barry Goldwater once characterized Reuther as a “more dangerous menace than the Sputnik or anything Soviet Russia might do to America.” Reuther also appeared in Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century.

The documents show that even as far back as 1966, Union representatives like Reuther, who called themselves socialists, were selling out their members in favor of secretly scheming with Bilderberg power brokers, many of whom were titans of capitalism and industry – illustrating how the left/right political paradigm is a fraud.

In addition, Senators like Harris were being indoctrinated by Bilderberg elitists that national sovereignty must end and be replaced by a system of global government.

Harris’ notes, made while Reuther was giving his presentation, reveal how Bilderberg were panicked about NATO’s declining relevance and sought to manufacture a new threat to elevate its importance.

“NATO is in trouble because common fears are reduced,” he writes.

The primary threat to Bilderberg’s goal of establishing global government is made clear in Harris’ notes.

“Nationalism is dangerous,” he writes.

In a letter Harris sent to Reuther a few weeks after the conference, the Senator thanks the Union head, writing, “The Bilderberg Conference gave me a real opportunity to learn and widen my horizons. One of the memorable highlights of the meeting was the opportunity to get to know and visit with you.”

We will have more astounding revelations from these leaked documents in the coming days.

View screenshots of the documents below (click for enlargements).

Eyewitnesses: Mitt Romney Attended Bilderberg 2012

Four separate hotel staff report seeing presidential candidate

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

Four separate eyewitnesses inside the Westfields Marriott hotel in Chantilly Virginia told London Guardian writer Charlie Skelton that Mitt Romney was in attendance at Bilderberg 2012, suggesting the Republican candidate could be the elite’s pick for the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

“Four eyewitnesses on the hotel staff told me Willard Mitt Romney was here at Bilderberg 2012. My four eyewitnesses place him inside. That’s one more than Woodward and Bernstein used. Romney’s office initially refused to confirm or deny his attendance as Bilderberg is “not public”. They later said it was not him,” writes Skelton.

The London Guardian writer adds that the fact Romney’s name did not appear on the official list of attendees is meaningless. Numerous power brokers, including Bill Gates, were photographed arriving at the event yet were not included on the list of participants, as is routinely the case.

With speculation already raging that Romney’s potential VP – Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels – was already being groomed by Bilderberg cronies, Romney’s appearance at the secretive confab of global power brokers suggests that he is being favored by the elite, who have seemingly lost faith in Barack Obama.

As Skelton noted in a separate report, on Saturday afternoon a limousine arrived at the hotel surrounded by a police motorcade, signaling the arrival of a “heavyweight politician”. Could this have been Mitt Romney? It’s unlikely given the fact that he was appearing at fundraisers on the west coast all weekend, but Romney’s schedule for Thursday, the first day of the Bilderberg meeting, was clear.

An invite to the Bilderberg conference has routinely proven beneficial to future Presidents and Prime Ministers.

Four years ago during a heated battle on the campaign trail, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton gave reporters the slip to attend the 2008 Bilderberg meeting at the same hotel. On precisely the same weekend as the confab was taking place, the Washington Post announced that Hillary was withdrawing from the presidential race and would support Obama.

Bill Clinton and Tony Blair were both groomed by the secretive organization in the early 1990′s before rising to prominence. Portugal’s Pedro Santana Lopes and Jose Socrates attended the 2004 meeting in Stresa, Italy before both going on to become Prime Minster of Portugal.

Bilderberg also played a key role in selecting John Edwards and John Kerry’s running mate in 2004 and Bilderberg luminary James A. Johnson also hand-picked Joe Biden as VP in 2008.

Confirmation that Romney attended Bilderberg 2012 may be hard to come by, but news that the former Governor of Minnesota’s email account was compromised by a hacker could offer proof, although no emails have been leaked thus far.

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