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Clinton Blames Comey, Russia, WikiLeaks, Facebook, Fake News, Voter ID Laws, Sexism, and Misogyny for Losing

September 13, 2017 Leave a comment

Hillary Clinton believes that were it not for James Comey, Russia, Wikileaks, Facebook, fake news, voter ID laws, or America’s “endemic” sexism and misogyny, she would currently be president of the United States.

In just under two minutes, Clinton rattled off eight separate excuses for losing the 2016 election.

Clinton claims that, “If the election were on October 27, I would be your president,” singling out James Comey in particular for re-opening an investigation into her mishandling of classified material. (Others notably argue that Comey kept Clinton in the campaign by preemptively exonerating Clinton before the FBI had concluded its own investigation.)

“I went from 26 points ahead to 13 points ahead, and I needed about 18 points in order to be sure to win Pennsylvania,” Clinton said of the impact of Comey’s notorious letter explaining he was re-opening the investigation. “I watched how analysts who I have a great deal of respect for, like Nate Silver, burrowed into all the data and said that ‘but for that Comey letter, she would have won.'”

“So it was very personal to me,” she said in an interview with CBS’s Jane Pauley. “I think my general election prospects were badly damaged because of that, so that even though I was starting to come back, it was not enough time to overcome it.”

Clinton also rattled off Russia, Wikileaks, and even fake news as other culprits in her failed presidential run.

“But even though [the Comey letter] was the primary blow to my campaign at the very end, it has to be looked at in context — with the Russians weaponizing information, negative stories about me; this whole Wikileaks beginning to leak in early October of John Podesta’s emails — which if you read them all were, they’re pretty anodyne, but they were taken out of context; stories were made up about them.”

Clinton then cited a recent story about Facebook accepting advertising from a Russian firm as another reason for her loss.

“We now know that Facebook was taking money from Russian companies to run negative stories about me,” she continued. “If you look at all of this, yes, it affected me and my campaign. But I am more concerned now going forward that we haven’t come to grips with what it means for future elections.”

In comments that echo Donald Trump’s claims that the votes from illegal aliens affected the vote totals, Clinton likewise claims that Republican-led “voter suppression” enabled Trump to win toss-up states.

“I would also add that the voter suppression that we now know had been in the works and really put into effect in a lot of states like Wisconsin and North Carolina, etc., played a role,” she said.”

And she blamed America’s “sexism and misogyny, which are endemic to our society. And certainly as I write in my chapter called ‘On Being a Woman in Politics,’ have to be factored in as well.”

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WikiLeaks’ Assange asylum winner in Ecuador election…

April 2, 2017 1 comment


Source: USA Today

Official results still being counted showed Moreno ahead by two points with 94% of voting acts counted.

A Moreno win likely ensures that Assange will be able to continue the unusual arrangement at the cramped London embassy. Lasso, a former banker, had said that within 30 days of taking office he would evict Assange, but would seek to find him asylum elsewhere.

In a recent interview, Lasso told the Miami Herald that he would work with other governments to house Assange at another embassy. “We will ask Mr. Assange, very politely, to leave our embassy, in absolute compliance with international conventions and protocols,” Lasso said in an email, adding: “we vow to take all the steps necessary so that another embassy will take him in and protect his rights.”

In the five years Assange has been in the embassy, Correa’s administration hasn’t been able to figure out how to move him to Ecuador amid heavy police scrutiny in London. Assange took refuge there while fighting extradition to Sweden, where he is wanted on sexual misconduct allegations. Assange and his legal team fear that the Swedish charges are a ploy to have him extradited to the United States, The Herald reported.

For all of its intrigue, the issue is not a major concern to average Ecuadoran voters, The Washington Post reported. Correa granted asylum to Assange in 2012, viewing him as a fellow “anti-imperialist” who could bolster his efforts to garner leftist support elsewhere in the world.

The arrangement became strained last year when WikiLeaks published hacked Democratic Party emails during the U.S. presidential campaign — Correa temporarily cut off Assange’s Internet access.

Beyond deciding the fate of Assange, the race was seen as one that could further tilt Latin America toward the right.

Heading into Sunday’s election, Moreno, 64, and Lasso, 61, were virtually tied in the polls.

A March 21 poll by firm Cedatos, which accurately predicted the first-round result, put Moreno ahead with 52% for the first time since its runoff surveys began, The Associated Press reported. Yet as many as 16% of voters said they were still undecided. Moreno’s lead was within the poll’s margin of error.

Correa urged voters to support his “Citizens’ Revolution” by electing Moreno, who he said will continue policies to support the poor. But a majority of Ecuadorans said they were eager for change after 10 years of Correa’s iron-fisted rule. Ecuador’s economy is slated to shrink by 2.7% this year as oil prices remain low, and Lasso promised to deliver a well-needed jolt to the nation’s beleaguered economy.

But in the race’s final weeks, Moreno rose in polls as he and Correa cast Lasso as a wealthy, out-of-touch politician who profited from the country’s 1999 banking crisis

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