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China makes no secret of its overwhelming desire to conquer Taiwan.  Days ago, it finished up 3 days of intense war preparation drills near Taiwan. During these drills which are increasing in frequency, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) forces entered Taiwan’s air and sea space repeatedly violating their sovereign rights with impunity.  CCP’s level of focus on Taiwan has been building for years with an increasing pace of aggressive actions.  The CCP’s increasing focus on Taiwan has set everyone’s teeth on edge from Taiwan itself to Asian neighbors especially Japan and the Philippines, and also here in the US.

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America’s unwavering support for Taiwan and free Chinese people stretches back 74 years.  However, in 2023 the reality for Taiwan and the US may be that it is becoming increasingly more challenging for the US to protect Taiwan from the CCP.  For a chilling example of the reality of the US’s inability to adequately defend Taiwan if push comes to shove, please view this short Q&A between Congressman Matt Gaetz and Admiral Aquilino on our lack of adequate military assets in USINDOPACOM. Admiral Aquilino is Commander in Chief, USINDOPACOM, the largest and most powerful combatant command in the world. In the video link in the article the US combatant commander basically admits that the US cannot adequately defend Taiwan as it stands now.  This is the reason why we need to accelerate Taiwan’s ability to defend itself by providing them the billions in defensive weapons that have already been approved for them but not delivered.  

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