Taipei reported the passage of Beijing’s Shandon aircraft carrier and two other ships, in the latest sign of tensions in the waters separating the self-ruled island from mainland China.

Posted BY: Wyatt | NwoReport

A Chinese aircraft carrier and two other ships sailed through the Taiwan Strait on Saturday, according to Taiwan’s Defense Ministry.

The ministry said the ships, which included the Shandong aircraft carrier, sailed in a northerly direction through the strait, which serves as an unofficial barrier between Taiwan and China.

Taiwan said its military closely monitored the movement of the Chinese vessels using their own ships and aircraft, and “responded appropriately.”

China’s Defense Ministry did not immediately comment on the matter.

China ramps up incursions

The passage of the Chinese flotilla marked another escalation in military tensions concerning Taiwan, which Beijing considers part of its own territory.

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The government of Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen strongly disputes Beijing’s sovereignty claims over the island and maintains only the people of Taiwan can decide their future.

“In the face of China’s civil attacks and military threats, the people of Taiwan are calm and not aggressive, rational and not provocative,” Tsai said recently, adding that “war is not an option.”

In recent years, China has ramped up air and sea incursions around the island.

In addition to the passage of the Chinese flotilla, Taiwan’s defense ministry reported that eight Chinese fighter jets crossed the median line of the strait in the preceding 24 hours.

This has become a regular occurrence since Chinese warplanes conducted war games last August.

Last year in March, the Shandong sailed through the strait just hours before the Chinese and US presidents were due to talk.