Nothing like having your insurrection funded by the very government you’re working to overthrow.

Source:  Georgette

Thanks to democrat elected officials, violent antifa activists were able to stash weapons at a tent park they’ve been occupying across the street from the East Precinct on Capitol Hill.

Tucker Carlson exposed the democrat help given:

Now, those same ‘peaceful protestors’ have been caught read handed with stores of weapons.

My Northwest reported:

Criminal Antifa activists and other Seattle agitators hid deadly weapons inside tents at a park they were occupying across the street from the East Precinct on Capitol Hill.

The activists purportedly occupied portions of Cal Anderson Park to help provide resources for homeless residents.

But during a sweep Monday morning, Seattle police found scores of weapons, including a machete, hatchet, homemade spike strips, an unexploded mortar, and well over a dozen makeshift shields.

Cal Anderson Park has become a staging ground for Antifa and other agitators for their near-nightly assaults on the East Precinct in Capitol Hill. And while there was some low-level outreach by activists for the homeless, criminal Antifa and other agitators were actually using the space to help store weapons they could have used to hurt or kill police officers.

Dozens of black bloc criminal activists routinely stage attacks on the precinct, last week using quick-dry cement to seal closed a door while setting the building on fire.

On Monday night, a mob gathered around the newly-fortified police station to lob items at the building, including a Molotov Cocktail. Luckily, no one was hurt.

Antifa and agitators throwing items at the East Precinct police station in Seattle, including what appears to be a Molotov Cocktail. Tomorrow they’ll tell you this was peaceful.

— (((Jason Rantz))) on KTTH Radio (@jasonrantz) September 2, 2020

Protestors just threw trash collected from park and molotov’s at East Precinct #seattleprotest

— Alexa Villatoro (@okrrrralexa) September 2, 2020

Despite the on-going violence, activists still claim everything is peaceful.

Socialist Chase Cross, former first Vice Chair of the 37th Legislative Democrats, decried the SPD claim of a found weapons cache. Indeed, he called it propaganda.

Cross argues the weapons would be used by the homeless people camping in tents because who among us doesn’t bring homemade spike strips and mortars to live in a park? And why wouldn’t we store dozens of homemade shields, coincidentally also seen at Antifa riots, in our tents?

So no actual weapons? Because a hatchet and a knife are both tools for camping which is what the human beings you swept today are technically doing because they have no realistic alternative. Are you guys cowards or engaging in propaganda? Because… one or the other right now.

— Chase Cross ☂️ (@chaseacross) September 2, 2020

Of course, there were other fringe activists and Twitter trolls making excuses for the deadly weapons. Some just pretend spike strips, shields with spray-painted fists and munitions are camping gear.

Hatchets and knives are common camping tools, and the planks with spikes could be because more then once people have driven through Cal Anderson trying to run ppl over

In fact one of YOUR sergeants tried to run over protesters barely 2 weeks ago there.

— Alycia Ramirez (@AlyciaRamirez3) September 2, 2020

How many tons of thousands of dollars did it cost to recover this camping gear?

— Antonio Garza (@AHGinSEA) September 2, 2020

This just in: Officers recover a bunch of camping supplies from a camp. I know most cops have never done a day’s work in their lives, but someone in your department must know that hatchets are for chopping firewood, right?

— Flute Person (@ComradeFlute) September 2, 2020