Street “hustler” tells people to get vaccinated.”I had no choice but to trust the vaccine,” he oddly states.

Source: Kelen McBreen

An Arkansas Department of Health video promoting Covid vaccinations is going viral for being unintentionally comedic.

In the state-funded commercial, a black man leaning against a classic Ford explains that during the pandemic his lifestyle “drastically changed.”

The man, an “entrepreneur” allegedly named Richard Johnson, says his income came to a screeching halt when Covid hit.

“You have to understand, I’m a hustler. I’m a legit entrepreneur. I sell things,” Johnson explains. “I come in contact with people all the time. I have to stay safe.”

It sure sounds as if he’s talking about selling drugs.

Next, Johnson made a strange comment, telling viewers, “I didn’t have a choice but to trust the vaccine.”

“If you live the type of lifestyle I live and you out here in these streets and you hustlin’, an entrepreneur like me, why not do it safely?” he asks.

Concluding the vaccine push, Johnson pleads, “I want everybody to take this seriously. Take a shot at staying healthy. Get the vaccine.”

Top comments on the YouTube version of the video mocked the advertisement, saying, “Can’t believe that this is real,” and “Why does this feel like satire?”

Far-left activist Tariq Nasheed posted the video to his Twitter, asking “Is this a commercial with a dude giving health advice, while trappin’?”

“Trappin’” is slang for selling drugs.

Many Twitter users got a kick out of the shameless vaccine plug, no pun intended.