A new database tracks how taxpayers are funding a vast network of leftist activists dedicated to overturning American values.

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Taxpayers are unwittingly funding the leftist assault on American values.

Each year, the U.S. federal government awards hundreds of billions of dollars in grants and contracts to nonprofit organizations, corporations, museums, libraries, colleges, and other entities. While much of this funding is relatively noncontroversial, some of it is funneled to organizations that engage in or advocate leftist political activism.

Conservatives have long railed against “wasteful spending” and “pork” — to little effect. But with a few exceptions such as Planned Parenthood, the ecosystem of government funding for leftist groups has gone largely unnoticed. Most Americans (though perhaps not most conservative activists) would be surprised to find out that the federal government is paying people to teach children radical gender ideology, bring illegal immigrants into the country, promote the ideology of so-called “diversity, equity, and inclusion” in private organizations, and much more.

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That ignorance ends now.

The Claremont Institute’s Center for the American Way of Life has created the Federal Progressive Subsidy Database to track federal “subsidies” for leftist political activism. Our database, which covers all fiscal years since 2016 and will be updated each year, chronicles how government funds a variety of leftist activities: affirmative action programs, LGBT advocacy groups, “culturally responsive” education, “social-emotional learning,” critical race theory (CRT), efforts to remake libraries and other facilities to be “antiracist,” sex-positive sex education, DEI initiatives (including expensive “diversity consultants”), and more.

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