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AUSTIN, Texas — A band of grassroots conservatives will descend on the state Capitol this weekend with the hope of commencing a movement that can force Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) to take drastic action at the Mexico border.

The “How Many More” rally downtown on Saturday afternoon is meant to “create a movement” nationwide to force the state to address the border crisis, according to Mark Meckler, a political activist who co-founded Tea Party Patriots in 2009 and has led the event planning.

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One speaker, rock star and outspoken conservative Ted Nugent, joined the rally speaker list out of frustration with the state not legally declaring an “invasion” at the border.

“It dazzles most Texans that Gov. Abbott has not secured the Texas border. He has expressed a willingness to engage on this issue but there hasn’t been enough concrete action taken to actually solve the glaring crisis,” Nugent said in an email. “Complaining that D.C. isn’t fixing the problem while you have state resources that can be used is no longer going to be allowed. The people of Texas are demanding action … now.”

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