Source: Breitbart

Two men, one a migrant with a deportation order, sexually assaulted a teenage female lifeguard on a French beach while bystanders reportedly did nothing to help.

The sex attack took place on Saturday afternoon on the Escale Borély beach in Marseille, when two men, 25 and 28, climbed the ladder of the lifeguard’s lookout chair.

The suspects were then said to have taken pictures of the young lifeguard before sexually assaulting her, touching her chest in particular. None of the beach-goers at Escale Borély, which can accommodate several thousand bathers, attempted to stop the two men, newspaper La Provence reports.

At around 5:30 pm, police were alerted to the young lifeguard crying at the bottom of her chair after a member of the coastal security and prevention unit (USPL) had spotted her during a patrol.

Police caught the two alleged sex attackers at a nearby Ferris wheel and took them into custody, but not before they became violent with officers, injuring one, and made attempts to escape arrest several times.

It later emerged that one of the men, a migrant, was also under a deportation order to leave France.

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