Posted BY: Pete McArdle

Regular readers of American Thinker are well aware of all the reasons why anyone with a conscience and a modicum of intelligence should vote Republican on Election Day.  But at present, sadly, there appears to be a surfeit of potential U.S. voters lacking a moral center, a working cerebral cortex, or both.

In the interest of fairness, then, I give you ten reasons why you should consider voting Democrat on November 8.

You like your leader’s brain-dead and nearly as old as Methuselah.

Among the leader’s Democrats have “voted” into office is our senile and incontinent president, Crusty Joe, 80 years old in a month and growing more deeply fried by the day; speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, age 82, soon to be deposed and, by the looks of her face, already far along in the embalming process; Senator Dianne Feinstein, 89, and rumored to no longer recognize anyone else in the Senate; and Pat “Leaky” Leahy, the 82-year-old president pro tempore of the Senate, whose nickname undoubtedly now has a double meaning.  If you think great-grandparents should run anything more complicated than a potato peeler, much less the most powerful country in the world, then vote “D” in a few days, and we’ll all see what happens!

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You love paying taxes

If you love giving the government an ever-growing slice of your hard-earned paycheck, then the party of donkeys is the party for you.  To paraphrase the Beatles:

If you love a good steak, Dems will tax your meat.
Try to keep your home warm, Dems will tax the heat.
Wanna drive your car? Dems will tax the gas.
Don’t sit down now, pal, Dems will tax your a–.

OK, maybe sitting down is still a non-taxable event.  And, yes, perhaps I shouldn’t have given the Dems any ideas.

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