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Under Tennesee Gov. Bill Lee’s sweeping new gun grab proposal, anyone who has a “psychological disorder” is eligible to lose their Second Amendment rights for 180 days or more but the Republican won’t clarify whether transgenderism is classified as a “psychological disorder.”

Lee’s proposed legislation endows a third party to accuse someone else of being a threat to themselves or others and prompt a state-led search, seizure, and evaluation. The accused will only have one hearing every 180 days to make a case for why they have a right to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed rights.

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As Federalist Senior Editor David Harsanyi recently put it, Lee’s proposal “forces people accused of a precrime to sit down with state-appointed psychiatrists and lawyers and prove their innocence before the government decides if they can keep their guns.”

Federal law already prohibits people who have “been adjudicated as a mentally defective” or “committed to a mental institution” from buying guns from licensed federal firearms dealers. Lee, however, wants his state to broaden its gun laws to create a temporary “order of protection” against anyone the state determines has a “psychological disorder, alcohol dependence, or drug dependence.”

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