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Republicans have mounted a successful campaign against woke cultural imperialism in the state of Tennessee, passing two bills to protect kids both from drag shows and genital mutilations.

Senate Bill 3 is legislation intended to protect minors from “adult-oriented” performances, including those conducted by men masquerading as women, strippers, and exotic dancers, all deemed “harmful to minors.”

It was passed Thursday in the state House with a 74-19 vote. After a procedural vote in the Senate concerning changes made in the House, it will go to the desk of Gov. Bill Lee.

Lee indicated that he will also sign into law House Bill 1, a ban on giving mental illness-affirming puberty blockers and genital mutilations to children, which similarly passed in the House on Thursday.

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Senate Bill 3 was introduced on Jan. 10 and transmitted to the state House earlier this month. It passed with a 74-19 vote on Thursday and will return to the Senate for a procedural vote before final passage, reported the Tennessean.

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