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Tens of thousands of Dutch citizens came out to protest the WEF-inspired campaign against Dutch farmers on Saturday in The Hague, under the motto “Vote Them Out”. Local elections will be held on Wednesday, as the upstart Farmer’s Party BBB looks poised to trounce the ruling party of RINO Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

The Dutch government has made itself the headquarters of the disastrous World Economic Forum Food Innovations Hub and wants to ban the use of nitrogen in fertilizer, bankrupting thousands of Dutch farmers and expropriating their land, in some cases even using that land to house illegal migrants instead.

The Dutch farmers are some of the best farmers in the world. The tiny country of the Netherlands has become the world’s second-largest agricultural exporter just behind the United States. The Netherlands is smaller than the state of West Virginia.

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The protest was organized by Dutch Farmers Defense Force and Together for the Netherlands, who wanted 5000 tractors to converge on the capital of The Hague in a show of solidarity. Four days before the protest, the mayor of the Hague Jan Van Zanen limited the number to two tractors and threatened to call in the Army against his own people. Nonetheless, Saturday’s protest was a peaceful, joyous, family-friendly affair. The Dutch and international media completely ignored it or smeared the citizens as “far-right”, proving once again they are “the enemy of the people” (Donald Trump).

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