Source: Samantha Chang, The Western Journal

The home security industry is booming in Beverly Hills, California, thanks to the frightening crime waves ravaging the Democrat-run state.

Russell Stuart, the owner of the only gun store in the posh Los Angeles suburb, said residents have been rushing out en masse to buy firearms amid the smash-and-grab robberies infesting the liberal city.

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“This morning I sold six shotguns in about an hour to people that say, ‘I want a home defense shotgun,’” Stuart told Los Angeles Magazine on Wednesday.

“Everyone has a general sense of constant fear,  which is very sad. We’re used to this being like Mayberry.”

Since opening in July 2020, Stuart said his shop has been barraged by anxious locals who are terrified of being targeted by lawless thugs.

His gun-buying clients include famous actors, prominent film executives and wealthy business moguls.

This is ironic because California — like other liberal states — has among the strictest gun control laws in the country, and its residents are among the most vocal opponents of the Second Amendment right to bear arms in self-defense.

The catalyst for the surge in gun purchases, Stuart said, was the May 2020 Black Lives Matter riot, where gangs of marauding looters ransacked stores in Beverly Hills.

Now that California has devolved into a lawless hellscape thanks to destructive left-wing policies, the scales have finally fallen from residents’ eyes.

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