Source: Richard Moorhead   

The Texas Department of Public Safety has reached a new agreement with a state land trust to build a  wall on the state’s border with Mexico, amounting to one of the most significant wall projects funded by a state or municipal government.

Texas DPS reached an agreement with Texas’ General Land Office to build a border wall on-farm tracts owned by the state in Starr County. Starr County is located at the southern tip of Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley- a hotspot for illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and smuggling.

George P. Bush, the Texas Land Commissioner, announced that his agency had reached an agreement to permit wall construction in the interests of the safety and security of Texas citizens.

The signing of this lease agreement is the latest effort by Commissioner Bush to mitigate the immigration crisis following Governor Greg Abbott’s emergency declaration to complete the Texas border wall,” Bush said in a GLO press release. “Washington continues to ignore the Biden Administration’s border crisis, leaving Texans no choice but to take matters into our own hands.

The fencing project will cover most of the southern part of Starr County.

Texas has also moved to implement legal consequences for smuggling and illegal immigration, with Attorney General Ken Paxton moving to charge illegals with trespassing crimes that could land them months in jail. Biden’s government no longer consistently deports illegals, instead opting to bus and fly them across the country.

Previous attempts to crowdfund a wall on the part of political fundraisers had ended as a hoax, with private wall profiteers exposed using the donations of border control advocates to purchase luxurious private boats and timeshares. Real border security measures require the involvement of the federal government, although the Texas project indicates that states may step up to bat with the Biden administration missing in action.

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