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Texas DPS troopers, as part of Operation Lone Star, have rescued over 900 children who were being smuggled into and through Texas from Mexico by human traffickers. Among these rescues, a five-year-old Honduran girl was found in Maverick County, Eagle Pass. She was brought to Texas by three adult women who were not related to her, with the intention of reuniting her with her mother, who had tragically passed away. Troopers also arrested a Mexican national illegally in the U.S. who was transporting six passengers, including two children, without knowing their names or destinations. The driver revealed he was following instructions from someone in Mexico to pick up illegally entered individuals. The driver was charged with smuggling, and all occupants were handed over to Border Patrol.

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DPS troopers are also combating criminals, including identifying MS-13 gang members hidden within family units illegally crossing the border. Since the inception of Operation Lone Star, over 401,900 illegal foreign nationals have been apprehended, leading to more than 32,400 criminal arrests, with over 29,600 felony charges. These actions are parallel to CBP agents’ record-breaking arrests of noncitizens at ports of entry, revealing the ongoing challenges and efforts in managing border security and combatting human trafficking.