After several futile delays by the Democrats, Senate Bill 1 was approved 80-41, with all 40 Democrats voting against.

Source: jamie White

The Texas House of Representatives gave its final approval of the Republican-backed election reform bills that have been held up by Democrat stalling tactics over the summer.

Senate Bill 1 was approved 80-41 on Friday with 21 Democrats declining to participate. All 40 Democrats who were present voted against the bill.

“This bill will go a long way in ensuring the integrity of our elections,” said Rep. Jim Murphy, head of the House Republican Caucus.

The Senate already passed the bill earlier this month in a 18-11 vote.

The passage of the bill marks a humiliating defeat for Democrats and a turning point in the Republican fight for election reform following the fraudulent 2020 presidential election.

60 Texas House Democrats tried derailing the bill last month by fleeing to Washington, D.C. in a private jet to prevent a quorum in the special session, but all they managed to do instead was spread COVID-19.

But the Democrats’ stunt finally collapsed after enough House members returned to Austin, Texas, thereby providing the quorum needed to pass the bill.

The provisions in the bill the Democrats were so adamant to prevent from becoming law simply ban drive-thru voting, add new voter ID requirements to absentee ballots and prohibit local elections officials from proactively sending mail-in ballot applications to voters.

Gov. Greg Abbott signaled on Thursday that he’d sign the bill as soon as it reached his desk.