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Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan has issued a solid warning to state senators who voted to acquit Attorney General Ken Paxton on all 16 articles of impeachment. This decision follows a period of political turmoil within the Republican Party, marked by a divisive impeachment process, which some have labeled a “sham impeachment” orchestrated by a faction of Texas Republicans, including allies of the Bush and Rove families.

Attorney General Ken Paxton expressed gratitude for the Senate’s decision and criticized the impeachment as a costly disruption to the Office of the Attorney General. He thanked his supporters, especially his wife Angela, for their unwavering support.

Texas State Representative Brian Harrison echoed Paxton’s sentiments and called for Speaker Dade Phelan’s immediate resignation. Harrison accused Phelan of enabling a Democrat-led effort to impeach Paxton and damaging the reputation of the Texas House. He also demanded an investigation into the costs of the impeachment proceedings.

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Phelan, in response, criticized the Senate and Lt. Governor Patrick for their handling of the trial, accusing them of bias and cheating the people of Texas of justice. He warned that this acquittal doesn’t mark the end for Paxton, as multiple lawsuits, indictments, and investigations are still pending against him.Conclusion:

Texas senators’ acquittal of Attorney General Ken Paxton on all impeachment articles has intensified the political divisions within the state’s Republican Party. Speaker Dade Phelan’s warning to senators who supported Paxton suggests that this contentious issue is far from settled, as Paxton still faces legal challenges. Representative Brian Harrison’s call for Phelan’s resignation underscores the deep rifts within the party, as he believes Phelan enabled the impeachment process to proceed. The fallout from this impeachment trial will likely have far-reaching implications for Texas politics as both sides dig in their heels and continue to vie for control and influence within the state. The controversy surrounding Paxton’s tenure as Attorney General and the impeachment proceedings remain at the forefront of Texas politics, and the public’s perception of these events will undoubtedly shape the state’s political landscape.