Dallas County judge says troops will be on ‘medical mission’ inquiring about contact with coronavirus patients

Texas Judge: National Guard Troops to Conduct Door-to-door Coronavirus Checkups

Source:  | Infowars.com 

A county judge says Texas National Guard troops will go door-to-door in Dallas neighborhoods to ask about coronavirus, as residents are under shelter-in-place orders to stay home during the outbreak.

According to NBC affiliate KXAN, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins claimed the troops would merely be conducting a “medical mission,” and not enforcing quarantine restrictions.

“Uh, it’s pretty serious when you know the national guard, the Texas National Guard that they’re heading out to neighborhoods in the Dallas area,” reported KXAN’s Sally Hernandez.

Judge Jenkins “said Texas National Guard troops would be on a ‘medical mission,’ and not there for law enforcement reasons. They would check in with people to see who may have come in contact with coronavirus patients,” KXAN reported Friday.

Jenkins, an anti-Trump Democrat, later tried to tamp down “conspiracy theories” on Twitter, saying National Guard nurses, who would be wearing military uniforms, would only be “doing tracing interviews.”

“Tap the brakes conspiracy theorist. National Guard nurses wear military uniforms but are still nurses. They are doing tracing interviews and have no authority to quarantine people. Only @DCHHS can quarantine and only a person who is COVID19 /non-compliant and refuses to stay in,” Judge Jenkins tweeted Friday.

Judge Jenkins signed the “Stay Home Stay Safe” order last Monday through April 3, which prohibits residents from leaving their homes, except for “essential activities,” or driving to or from “essential businesses.”

Democrat-run strongholds are wasting no time using the coronavirus pandemic as a smokescreen for an authoritarian power grab.

On Thursday Infowars reported on neighboring Tarrant County passing a measure suspending private property rights and allowing the county to “commandeer of use any private property.”

Over 300 people had tested positive for coronavirus in Dallas County, with seven deaths reported as of Thursday.